Here in Latvia, the kingdom of the sprat, we’re so mad about fish that things aren’t as simple as they once were. We no longer talk about spices or methods of preparation. Instead, we tell stories and dream up tales about big fish and little fish, about brave fishermen and beautiful girls who know how to prepare seafood that’s so delicious that we’re praised from near and afar.

This passion for fish is the inspiration for the brand Amberfish*. The name refers to the Baltic Sea, Latvia’s ancient cooking traditions and, of course, the most valuable treasures of the Baltic Sea – amber.


The products we present to you are not merely exquisite delicatessen. They are beautiful tales. To give you a sense of the degree of our passion for this thing.

* Amberfish is a brand created by seafood producer,  former SIA Piejūra. For a number of years now, this brand  has been one of Latvia’s best sprats.


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