31. August 2013

In 2013, we invested a further EUR 3 million in equipment and renovation of the “Piejūra” plant. The new investments allow the production plant to expand its scope of activity and create new delicatessen.

We successively upgraded our production facilities with the best and most professional equipment in the world, in order to increase the production capacity and the diversity of products. After the completion of the upgrading process, 3,000 jars per hour will be filled and can produce up to 1,5 million cans per month.

The modernised production facility of “Amberfish” includes a cold- and a hot- smoking establishment, as well as frying, filling, breading, freezing, cutting, pasteurising, sterilisation and packaging equipment. The production lines and assemblies provide the possibility to make and pack products tailored to everyone's taste and each fairy-tale that has been cherished.

Currently, sprats in oil and cod liver are our main pride and the cherished idea of our masters. In the autumn of 2013, the fairy-tale book of “Amberfish” will be supplemented by many of new “characters” – sturgeon, salmon, cod, tuna-fish, pilchard, herring, sardinella, mackerel, mussel, squid, shrimp and other fish, which will tell new and exciting sea stories.


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