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Our masters, the best story-tellers on the mainland, know how to create magical canned fish products, which quickly finds their way to loyal customers. Our book of fairytales includes sprats, pilchards, herring and sardines, as well as popular fish, including salmon, cod, sturgeon and tuna, as well as seafood – mussels, squid and shrimp. The story of each inhabitant of the sea is unique, with each having its own character and adventure.

Our entire production cycle is environmentally friendly. The benzopyrene content in our products is far below the allowed level, because product quality is our key value. We use only the highest-quality, fresh and chilled raw materials in the production process. Our upgraded production plant is equipped with machinery from globally recognised brands, including equipment forcold- and hot-smoking, frying, filling, breading, freezing, cutting, pasteurising, sterilising and packaging. Our production lines and units allow us to manufacture and pack products tailored to everyone's taste and every cherished fairytale.

We manufacture products both for our own sales, as well as for other companies on a contract basis. We can pack our delicious fish products in cans or jars according to your taste, sealed with any type of lid and personalised with different labels. Customers may use our “Amberfish” brand, the production trademark, or their own brand names on the products.

The company's production capacity is approximately: canned fish - 50 000 packages per day, 1,5 million per month; cold smoked salmon – 1,3 tons per day, 40 tons per month; frozen fish products  – 3,3 tons per day, 100 tons per month. In 2013, the company's export volume totalled EUR 3 838 661, increasing to EUR 4 860 694 in 2014. We export approximately 98% of our production, bringing several million of our incomparable Baltic Sea fairytales to the rest of the world.

Ltd. „SFT SeaFood”, Jūrkalnes iela 15, Rīga, LV-1046, Latvia

Phone: Rus/Lv: +371 27 719 930, Eng: +371 26 781 636, E-mail: