At present, our factory- “SIA NS Estate”- along with its trading arm, SIA SFT Seafood, have developed to the extent that the AMBERFISH brand can be found all over the world. The brand combines all of the most fascinating tales of the Baltic Sea, which are not only intriguing, but also recognized by our global customers.



In 2013, 3 million EUR was invested in equipment and renovation of the “Piejura” plant. The new investments allow the production plant to expand its scope of activity and create new delicatessen.



Piejūra's operations are driven by a true passion for what it does. We not only have our own dreams and vision of a beautiful future, but also a profound sense of responsibility to the environment in which we operate. For this reason, since 2011, the company has sourced its electrical power and heat energy from the nearby biogas power plant.



In 2010, we upgraded and renovated our production plant, making it one of the most cutting-edge fish processing plants in the Baltics. The operation of the production facility constantly adapts and develops in line with all Latvian and European Union requirements not only in terms of compliance with standards, but also to create products of the highest possible quality. “Piejūra” uses German delicatessen-type smoking sheds heated with beech chips. These sheds allow for strict control of the benzopyrene content in our products, bringing it down to the minimum.


Towards development

In July 2003, we upgraded our production plant to meet European Union canning industry standards, and in 2009 “Piejūra” concluded a contract with the Rural Support Service's Fishery Fund for co-financing of the renovation of the company and acquisition of 1.5 million lats worth of equipment. 

Creation of “Piejūra”


In 1995, in Nīca, a village on the Latvian Baltic Sea coast, the company “Piejūra” was established, launching its operations on January 13, 1996 production shop for hot-smoked, semi-finished fish. Since then, we have only been moving forward in a process of continuous development.

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